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2020 Season

Fall 2020 Season:


MHSAA guidelines:

MMPFL teams will follow the MHSAA guidelines. At this time, there are some grey areas, which will be figured out before our first game. 

-As of now, each tackle player and cheerleader will be allowed 2 spectators at each game. 

-All coaches, parents, officials and participants must wear a mask for both practices and games. We are still working through exactly what this means for our participants (a mask will be pulled down during physical activity).

-ERYFL will provide a face gaiter (in place of a mask) to each participant (tackle and cheer), on the first day of practice. This will go around their neck to be easily pulled up and down. If the gaiter is lost or forgotten, it is the participant's responsibility to bring their own mask or they cannot participate. We have also purchased spit guards to be placed on our football helmets. 



On the first day of practice, a parent MUST accompany each participant to sign in. If there is a physical on file from last season, there is a form to be signed. If there is not a physical on file, one must be provided in order to practice. There is also a Covid waiver that must be signed. All participants and coaches will be screened before each practice and game- temperature taken and symptom tracking sheet filled out. There are ZERO exceptions- participants will not participate if the forms are not provided/signed or rules are not followed. 


Tackle football: 

Our conditioning practices will be Sept. 8th-10th, Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday of next week. Practices will take place at the Old Athletic Field from 6-8pm. We will do equipment handout on Friday Sept. 12th, as follows:

6th grade: 5:30pm

5th grade: 6:00pm

4th grade: 6:30pm

3rd grade: 7:00pm

Please do not show up before your scheduled time. If you come before your scheduled time, you will wait until after the grade ahead of you is completed. We will accommodate sibling situations. 


Starting the week of Sept. 14th, teams will all practice at OAF from 6-8pm as follows:

3rd grade- Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 

4th grade- Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 

5th grade- Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 

6th grade- Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 



Practice will begin on Tuesday, September 15th from 6-7:30pm, in the grass area in front of the GIS/Middle school front parking lot. Practice will be Tuesday and Thursday each week, 6-7:30pm. Uniforms will be fitted and handed out during practice the week of Sept. 21st. Each grade level team will have an adult coach, along with some help from our middle and high school cheerleaders. 



Games will begin Saturday, September 26th. We will play no more than 5 games, which will not go past the month of October (likely no bye-weeks and last game on October 24th). We will have our schedules by September 21st at the latest. Scheduling is out of our control as the lengthy task relies on the MMPFL to complete a fair schedule.


We realize not all MHSAA guidelines are ideal, but they must be followed for us to play. Please be respectful of our board members, coaches, officials, parents and participants at all times. A great amount of time and effort has gone into preparations to make this all happen for our children.